How to Win at Slots – Your #1 Slot Guide for Canadian Online Casinos

Looking for a much easier way to win whilst playing your favorite slot machines online? Well, before you step into any of Canada’s top online casinos, take a read of ourslot machine strategy and discover how you can beat the system and the casino at their own game. It’s easy, simple and highly profitable!

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This is the only slot machine strategy that you need and that actually works

online slot strategy

The popularity of the slot machine games sees it as the most played choice inside the casinos online. The games are a fantastic option that is very simple to play and comes with the biggest cash prizes of any feature within the digital walls of Canada’s finest online sites.

Not many players would think that an online strategy would exist for such a game, however, it does, and you can take advantage of this knowledge that will give you the edge over the hundreds of thousands online chasing for that big jackpot payout. Welcome to our strategy guide, where you will be able to see the effects of our wisdom unfold instantly.

Our slots strategy is very simple to learn

Knowing all about the online slot machine is key to the strategy formulating. There is a lot to learn, perhaps surprisingly, but unsurprisingly it is not that difficult to see how it works which makes you wonder why we’re not all doing it. Our goal is to inform as many players in Canada of the techniques so that plenty, if not, all of you can reap your rewards back from the clutches of the casino.

There are some very easy to know techniques and some which are slightly more complex for new players to fully grasp. We will try our best to explain them both. What is required at this point is an open mind, so you think outside of the box, a bit of time and patience and perhaps a pen and paper to make some notes when it comes to playing the games.

Knowing the different slot machine strategies to form one super tactical edge

Learning how to win at slots is a quick thing, once you’ve understood the majority, you’ll soon find that the process becomes second nature. It begins with playing slot machines in their demo mode and for the sake of context, we will just assume that there is only one online slot in existence when explaining the steps you have to take. This works for all slots online and any virtual table games like video poker and roulette.

How do you know when a slot machine will hit?

In order to beat slot machines, you must first practice. Practice is key and it will be what teaches you how to beat the casino when it comes to playing for real money online.

There are hundreds of different games, so, again we will use the idea that only one exists in getting our point across.

The casino has a slot, this slot machine holds a $150,000 jackpot, it has 5 reels, 25 paylines, you can wager as low as $0.20 and as high as $100. There are bonus features added to the game and these are free spins and multipliers.

How do we learn about this game? First, check the game information details and see if it an RTP or RNG game. The RTP will base the payouts on the money put in that has to read a certain percentage. The RNG will payout based on random sequences. You’ll find most progressive slots are RTP-based. So, this tells us that RTP’s will pay out more, the more popular it is, so what are the most popular games? New games and progressive jackpots. What do you avoid? Simple, older games.

Has the jackpot been won before? If not, then the signs don’t look promising. Stick to known slots that have recorded payouts. When it comes to the gaming features. You need to assess all areas. Players need to experiment and make analytical evaluations of the game. For example, do 25 paylines actually have a better return rate than if you played with 10?

When it comes to wagering a spin, do you land more profitable wins from paying $2.00 per spin or $15.00? Does the game offer a high number of bonus free spins, given than not all will win, if you only get a max of 3, is it of any worth? What do the multipliers climb to? Are you able to make a substantial profit or is the max limited to three-time the value you staked?

Always question and assess. Should the casino release a new game, you can begin to compare and this is how you whittle down the numbers of the site. By learning what is good and bad, you begin to know what to play when inside the casino for real money.

Discover how to win at the casino slot machines the easy way

Real money slots can be manipulated in the very same way as demo games, they play exactly the same, so it is far better to do the practice, which is risk-free, rather than spending any money trying to learn all this. Once you have the best games lined up from your analysis, you can then take the challenge on with any number of free casino bonuses which are presented by Canada’s best casinos online.

Quick hits slot machine tips

The more complex slot machine strategy covers the knowledge of the tools the casino uses which are linked to the games themselves. The casino management tool logs your gaming history. New players with no history often win because there is no gauge on what you often spend, which game you play and what you have already won. As a new player, you will win guaranteed from your first 50 spins or less. If you land a big win or bonus win, end the game and play another new title. Once you have amassed enough, perhaps a few hundred or thousand, cease playing and withdraw the money into your bank account. Close the site, log out, uninstall the app and clear your history. Leave the games alone for a month and return, install, login and play the same games. Guaranteed you will win because the software is updated both your end and the casino’s end, there is no history and as far as the management tool knows, you’re a new player and the cycle of winning begins all over again.

Not many people know this insiders tip, so cash in on it before the word get around!